Ann (AKA Sr.)

Veterinary Hostess

Ann rejoined the staff as a veterinary assistant in March 2015.  She was born in Columbus and graduated from Capital University with a BS in Nursing. She was in the Navy Nurse Corps from 1971-1974 in Philadelphia and moved to Orrville (her husband's home town) in 1977 where they have a farm. Ann managed a dairy for 10 years, and then worked at Orrville Veterinary Clinic from 1991-2002. She then went back into nursing at Wooster Hospital, and retired in 2014. She resides with her retired husband, a dog, goats, chickens, multiple cats and a pet Bison (Sacajawea).  She enjoys all kinds of music, reading from books (although she does own a Kindle), knitting, and quilting. Ann works at our Orrville Veterinary Clinic location.