Assisting Wildlife

Dr. Butera has been assisting injured, orphaned, and displaced wildlife in our community for over thirty years.  She believes it is her duty as a veterinarian to provide humane care for wild creatures as much as possible.  At Elm Ridge, we continue this obligation.  (When we are closed, Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital can see wildlife emergences for Dr. Gary Riggs). 

Ohio has very specific laws that we must follow in regards to wildlife. After we provide first aid and emergency care, wild animals must be sent to a state certified rehabilitation facility.  Some species, most sadly the beautiful white tail deer, cannot be treated even by a veterinarian in the state of Ohio.  We have to turn these cases over to the wildlife officer.  Also, we cannot examine nor give any medical advice for pets that have been illegally taken from the wild and are being kept as pets.   If you have found an unjured or orphaned wild animal in our community, you are welcome to bring it to us for care and to be transferred to the proper rehabilitator.  You may also use the links below to connect with the wildlife officer or the rehabilitators.  Remember, handling a wild animal can be VERY DANGEROUS.  Read the information below very carefully. Do not put yourself at unnecessary risk. To make sure you are doing the right thing for the animal you are trying to help, read this important information from the Ohio Deparment of Natural Resources.  

"Veterinarians cannot examine or give medical advice for any wild animal that has been illegally taken from the wild and kept as a pet."

Local Contacts

Elm Ridge Animal Hospital 330-854-0100

Stark Parks (Sippo) 330.477.0448

Medina Raptor Center (330) 591-7300

Stark ODNR 330-245-3041

Dr. Gary Riggs / Metro 330.666.2976

Fran Kitchen (Orphan Wildlife) 330-745-2947

District Boundaries

Our Local Officers


Barry Hennig (330) 245-3040


Mark Basinger (330) 245-3041


Daniel Shroyer (330) 245-3042


Wade Dunlap (330) 245-3047


Aaron Brown (330) 245-3046

District 3 Office 

912 Portage Lakes Dri
Akron, Ohio 44319  
(330) 644-2293