Forms & Policies

Vaccinations: AVMA Standard of Care

ERAH follows the up to date recommendations of the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) and AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) to not over-vaccine.  Adult distemper and rabies vaccines have a 3 year duration after the initial series.  Geriatric animals are not vaccinated except as required by law or for grooming / boarding.  We do not vaccinate every pet for every disease.  We take into consideration the pet's lifestyle, health, and the prevalence of the specific disease in our geographic area.  Our vaccine policy is similar to the one as written by UC Davis vet school as seen here. 


Appointment Cancellations

Kindly give us as much notice as  you can that you will need to change or cancel your appointment.  We do not charge you for missed appointments.  However, if we see this becomes a habit with a client, we will request that they only make the appointment on the very day they are seen.  You can reach us to change or cancel your appointment during office hours or after by phone (330) 854-0100 (you can leave a message on the machine after hours), fax to (330) 854-5494, or e-mail us at  


Payment Options

ERAH accepts cash, checks, Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.   Payment is expected at the time of services. We do not bill clients.  For existing clients, we will accept checks to be deposited on a later date.  This has to be approved by the doctor and there is a special protocol to follow for this,  so you must inform the front desk this is your intention before writing the check.  For pets requiring hospitalization or an involved surgery, clients may be required to leave an initial deposit to cover one half of the bill estimate.  For unexpected costs during a crisis, we recommend clients seek a Care Fidelity medical loan so we can be reimbursed for the cost of care immediately, but the client only pays monthly.


Rx Refills

We do ask that you give us some warning when you need a prescription refill, preferably 24 hours.  It may be an item we have to order in for you.  Even if we have it in stock, the doctor has to review your chart to approve the refill-- as required by federal law-- and the assistants have to package and label the medication.  This takes time! OTC items like shampoos and Frontline can be purchased with no prior notice.  Please don't expect us to have your prescription items ready for you  right when you show up if you haven't called us and given us enough time to prepare it. That is just not reasonable. You cannot go to a pizza shop and expect them to have the pizza you want waiting at the counter if you did not call first, can you?  

You can request RX refills online or of course call us at (330) 854-0100 (you can leave a message on the machine after hours), fax to (330) 854-5494, or e-mail us at  

We cannot prescribe heartworm prevention for any dog that has not been on heartworm for over 2 months without testing or hasn't been tested in over 2 years if on year-round heartworm.  Please understand that this is for the dog's safety and health, what is best for the dog.

Federal law* requires that patients receiving prescription items have to have been seen by the doctor "recently." The standard definition of that term by the profession is within the last year.  We have to follow this law.  So if your pet has not been examined by a doctor in the last year at the time that you need your prescription refilled, you will need to make an appointment to do so first.  All pets should be examined annually. *Which law is it?  It is described here, by the AVMA.