Get Me Home

Get Me Home Lost & Found Database

Our Get Me Home Lost and Found Pet Database has over 9,000 entries from 2012-till just this morning. You can ask us to search these entries for you or take a peek at the database itself through the above link. Our FileMaker database has a limit of only 5 viewers at a time and is only available if our parent file is open.  If not available when you wish to search, just send us an email or a message with your search perameters. Our file focuses on NE Ohio, and includes the original text of the post collected from multiple sources, and photos if available. These photos may not be able to be viewed online, but we can print or email them to you. In the more recent files, we are posting the photo internet address which can be viewed by clicking a camera icon. Also, we are adding in links to corresponding Pinterest boards and boards of possible matches. (During 2015 and early 2016, Dr. Butera was undergoing cancer treatment and didn't collect entries during that time.)

This link will take you to the Filemaker database home screen. Select the database ARCHIVE LF PETS, then log in as a guest. Leave the password blank. Let's get these pets home!

Places to Search or Post Lost / Found Pets

Below you will find links to local and Ohio rescue groups, shelters, pounds, and humane societies. You will also find links to local and national lost and found pet databases, microchip registries, bulletin boards, facebook groups, local veterinary hospitals, and just about anywhere a lost or found pet  could be posted.  If you know of a link we have not included, please send it to us.