Chip Happens!

Monthly Microchip Clinics to Benefit Friends of Stark Pound

On the third Saturday of each month, ERAH is hosting Chip Happens!, microchipping pets for only $15 plus an arbitrary donation to FOSP (Friends of Stark Pound.) The price includes implantation of a SmartTag Data chip by Dr. Butera, lifetime registration with SmartTag and two metal ID tags. These data chips are programmed with the owner's phone number (home and cell or alternative contact) and display this information when scanned with newest scanners. When scanned with older scanners display chip number only. Please register below for the event, or call us. We only have 18 slots per event.  (If you prefer a HomeAgain Chip, the HA registration fee is $27.)

Why SmartTag?

These Data Chips are programmed with the owner's phone number (home and cell or alternative contact) and display this information when scanned with RFID data scanner. They display chip # only with older style scanners. Learn More


How can I pay?

Check with ID, Cash, Mastercard, Visa, Amex, Discover, or PayPal (You can pay at the event.)

What pets can we chip?  

Dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, Guinea pigs (Please, no birds at these events, though we can set up a private appointment for birds.)

How much do I need to donate to FOSP?

That's up to you.  You can donate as little as one cent or as much as you want.  Or, bring in a donation we can give them.  Every bit helps these angels do their work.  FOSP's work benefits all our pets and our community.  Support them!

Can I get shots done then, too?

No.  This is a microchip event only.  We will not be doing any medical exams or procedures during this time.  You are more than welcome to schedule a regular appointment for any medical procedures.  Our clients have access to the special FOSP chip prices at any time (and do not have to attend the event.)

How do I register the chip?

We will fax in the registration form then give you back your copy. It's that simple to register with SmartTag.

What if my pet's aggressive? 

If your pet  can be muzzled and restrained safely, then we can chip it.  If it is too aggressive and has to be handled with sedation, we cannot chip it  at this event.  It should be chipped at your vet under sedation.  We can work with your vet to supply the chip at this special price, but your vet will charge you (justifiably) for sedation.

Microchip Companies
  • Pet Health Insurance (24PetWatch) (866-597-2424)
  • 911 Pet Chip (888-546-7615)
  • AKC Companion Animal Recovery (800-252-7894)
  • Avid (800-336-2843)
  • Avid EuroChip (800-336-2843)
  • Avid (Canada) (800-338-1397)
  • Banfield (800-838-6738)
  • Digital Angel (800-328-0118)
  • EIDAP (888-346-8899)
  • HomeAgain (888-466-3242)
  • Microchip ID Systems Inc. (800-434-2843)
  • M4S ID/PetIDGreen (877-738-4384)
  • PetKey (866-973-8539)
  • PetLink (877-738-5465)
  • Bayer (800-633-3796)
  • Save This Life (855-777-CHIP or 855-777-2447)

Pre-Register for Microchip

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