Service Projects

The Elm Ridge Family is involved in several community service projects.

We believe that we have to be an advocate for animals and animal owners in our community.

You can help by volunteering or donating-- or just by participating in our raffles and fund-raising projects.


New Project

Supplies for the Moshoko Mission Hospital in Zimbabwe


Dillie's Dollars for Kids

Our mascot Dillie is on a mission to prove that she is not just a spoiled, pampered pet, but an ambassador for children around the world. She is asking her webcam fans to donate a single dollar to UNICEF.  She is trying to raise $10 000 by her birthday, June 6. You can help too! DONATE A SINGLE DOLLAR HERE !  You can watch our Diva Dillie on her webcam.


Summa Hospice "Peace of Mind" Program

Dr. Butera is a volunteer consulting vet for this wonderful program that assists hospice patients with caring for their pets, so they can keep them for the remaining time they have left. Also, this program places these pets in good homes after the demise of the patient. This is a wonderful program and we are proud to be a part of it. Learn more.


Stark Parks and McKinley Museum Wildlife

We volunteer our time and services to both these groups-- working on injured and orphaned native wildlife or exhibited exotic species.


"WASH" Fund

After enjoying a free cup of our signature Baby's Key West or "Junkyard Dog" Coffee, our clients donate to our "WASH" fund-- wild life and stray fund-- that allows us to rescue injured wildlife or stray animals.  We have also used this fund to assist clients in dire need, like a very ill client that is confined to a wheel chair, but ran over his dog's leg-- breaking the bone.  Our clients' generosity allowed us to bring in an orthopedic vet to fix the leg for this client!  These funds are limited and cannot be used to help every one out there that has a pet and cannot afford it-- but we do what we can for our clients in extreme need. 


Foundation for African Medicine and Education

We take so much for granted here in our blessed country:  clean water, food safety, public hygiene, health care.  These basic, basic needs are often not met  in Africa.   We support FAME's mission to bring medicine, health care, and hygiene to even the most remote corners of the African continent.   We contribue medical supplies, eye glasses, scrubs, certain medications, glucometers, --whatever we can, whenever we can to FAME.   When we went to digital xray, we donated our old xray processor, and it is now in a  hospital in Zimbabwe-- a Christian hospital where, sadly, over 90% of patients are positive for HIV.  We are starting a fundraising effort to get an ultrasound machine to this same hospital for use in their maternity ward, or whatever piece of equipment they prefer instead.

About the Hospital

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