Pet Styling

Our professional groomers provide an atmosphere that allows our guests to relax and enjoy a total pampering experience. Deluxe bathing options, nail trimming, and other services can be scheduled during your pet’s stay. Our groomer will provide the style that best suits the lifestyle of your dog. Our Hydrosurge bathing system and spa showers are available to make your pet more comfortable. A full groom includes a bath, coat trimming, nail trimming, anal glands, and ear cleaning.  Styling is much more than just looking good. Routine trimming and bathing improves your pet’s health, and is an important aspect of its overall care.



Full Spa Treatment (Groom) 

Includes a bath, undercoat brush out, coat trimming, nail trim, anal glands (if necessary), ear cleaning, perfume, and a bow or bandanna. Their grooming needs will be attended to by our trained professional stylist.
- Prices Vary & Limited Availability 

Sanitary Groom

A light touchup for in-between grooms.
- Prices Vary & Limited Availability

Deluxe Bath

A relaxing bath in our hydrosurge tub with our basic shampoo (upgrades are available), a professional nail rounding and ear cleaning.
- Less than 40 minutes $54.00 - More than 40 minutes $68.00

Homecoming Bath

A relaxing bath in our HydroSurge tub with our basic shampoo (upgrades are available).
- Less than 20 minutes $34.00 - More than 20 minutes $45.00

Professional Nail Rounding

- $20.00

Teeth Brushing

Tropiclean toothpaste effectively keeps gums healthy and breath fresh.
- $6.00

De-shedding Treatment

A FURminator shampoo, conditioner, and brushing system that dramatically reduces shedding (Lasts approximately 5 weeks).
- $18.00 along with bathing option and blowout/brushout time ($1.00 per minute).

Elbow & Pad Treatment

Our Elbow and Pad creme and revitalizer helps heal painfully dry, cracked pads and calloused elbows.
- $21.00

Please Note

  • Please call ahead to schedule your pet for their Spa appointment.
  • All pets must be current on the Orrville Pet Spa & Resort's required vaccines. These can be found under the Lodging Accommodations or on our Policies and Procedures.

*Please feel free to call for a quote on your pets Full Spa Treatment or Sanitary Groom