Our Reviews

I have a great deal of respect for the Clinic and have used them for more than a dozen years. They have been particularly sensitive to the pain experienced by my dog in the beginnings of potential spinal deterioration and or hip inflammation. Super treatment and my pet appreciates it.

Dave F.
Dalton, Ohio

There is a reason I have continued bringing my dogs to the Orrville office for well over 20 years, and my grandpa before that. As long as nothing drastic changes I will continue to use the Orrville Vetrinary clinic for as long as I am alive.

Rick M.
Rittman, Ohio

I came in with an abandoned kitten found in my neighbors yard. Dr. Jackwood was awesome at assisting us with what we needed to try to help the little guy. He unfortunately did not make it but with Dr.

Heather F.
Lodi, Ohio