Equine Wellness Program

Our equine wellness program is designed to be a comprehensive wellness and prevention program for your horse.  We incorporate all of the recommended vaccinations and internal parasite control into the program to help simplify the care of your horse.  There are many conflicting opinions and views of what is considered proper prevention and care for horses in various regions of the United States.  Our veterinarians evaluate the latest scientific data and trends within our area to design and implement the best overall care for you horse.  

The basics of the program include two farm visits, one in the Spring and one in the Fall.  This allows our veterinarians to examine and evaluate your horse on two occasions throughout the year.  During each visit, we perform a physical examination and administer the appropriate vaccinations for our region and time of year.  We also drop off targeted deworming products to be administered throughout the year.  At each visit, we will collect a fecal sample and perform a fecal egg count to monitor each horse for abnormal parasite burdens.  This allows us to further cater the deworming regimen to target the "high shedders" within a herd.  

During the Fall visit, our veterinarians thoroughly examine the oral cavity of your horse.  This lets us to identify and correct any dental problems prior to the winter season, when supplemental feeding tends to increase due to a lack of grass in the pastures.  If corrections are needed, your horse will be given a sedative and his/ her teeth will be corrected using the Powerfloat.  We also perform a sheath cleaning or udder cleaning at this visit.