Large Animal Ultrasonography

We can perform ultrasound examinations on horses , cows and some small ruminants. Generally ultrasonography is utilized for reproductive conditions, either to evaluate for early pregnancy or to diagnose conditions that may make pregnancy more difficult to achieve. We can ultrasound cows as early as 28 days after they are bred.  This allows open cows to be "short cycled" for an earlier return to heat and hopefully a shortening of days open.  Ultimately this results in increased profits for the farmer, as cows produce both more milk and more calves over a lifetime.  

This Easi-scan ultrasound is designed specifically for portable use on large animals. It is battery operated, eliminating the need for a cord.  Other features include early pregnancy detection (as low as 28 days in cattle and 14-18 days in horses). This ultrasound unit is also designed for fetal sexing in cattle between 60-80 days after being bred.