Orthopedic Services

Lameness is also a very common problem in our pet population. We offer complete orthopedic evaluations and treatment on an out patient basis.  Further testing, such as: diagnostic x-ray services, and surgical procedures including cranial cruciate ligament repair, femoral head resection, and fracture repair can be performed at our Seville Veterinary Clinic or our Orrville Veterinary Clinic. They perform many examinations each year on animals that are lame or limping. Many times radiographs are necessary to evaluate the limbs, pelvis, and spine. We offer OFA certification. The OFA program is designed to help detect and reduce the incidence of conditions such as hip and elbow dysplasia. Our orthopedic surgical services include: fracture repair (including intramedullary bone pinning), FHO (a surgical correction for hip dysplaisa), cruciate repair (like ACL repair), and wedge osteotomy (a correction of a knee problem affecting mainly smaller breed dogs).