Ultrasonography Featuring Easi-Scan

The ultrasound unit provides us with a non-invasive way of further evaluating many conditions. The most common use of ultrasound is for breeding services. We can ultrasound horses as early as 13 days after they are bred (pregnancy can be detected as early as 11 days in some instances). Ultrasonography also allows us to "look" inside the uterus to determine inflammation or the presence of abnormal fluid. Some limb conditions, such as bowed tendons, bursitis, tendonitis, or hind-limb lymphangitis can be evaluated as well.

The Easi-Scan Ultrasound is designed specifically for portable use on large animals. It features early pregnancy detection (as low as 13-18 days) in horses. The system is battery operated, which eliminates the need for a nearby outlet or a long cord that is in the way.