Uterine Culturing and Biopsy

Uterine culturing and biopsy are critical to a breeding soundness examination. By directly culturing the specific organism that is causing metritis, we can effectively treat and resolve the infection and prevent scarring within the uterus.   Culturing the uterus is also vitally important prior to breeding a mare, whether via natural breeding or through artificial insemination.

Uterine biopsies go one step further in the process of evaluating the breeding potential of a mare.  Over time, the uterus may become damaged from previous foaling, infections, or by urine retention. Using a specialized instrument and aseptic technique, we are able to obtain a small sample of the uterine lining.  This sample is then sent out to a board certified pathologist for evaluation.  This uterine biopsy provides us with the ability to evaluate the amount of scarring that has formed within the uterus. Certain levels of scarring may be corrected if caught early.