The following rebates are offered by the manufacturers of these products:


Elanco is currently offering the following rebates and promotions: Buy 6 months and get a $10 rebate or buy 12 get a $25 rebate.



Zoetis Animal Health offers a buy 6 get two free on all sizes of Revolution.  In addition, if you buy 9, you receive 3 free.


Vectra 3D

Ceva offers a buy 3, get one free and buy 6 get 3 free.



Elanco is offering buy 3 and get a $5 rebate, buy 6 and get a $10 rebate, buy 12 and get a $25 rebate.



$15 Rebate with the purchase of two, $35 rebate with the purchase of four.  This rebate can be used over the course of a full 12 months if you keep your receipts.


Interceptor Plus

Elanco is offering buy 6 doses and get a $5 rebate, get a $15 rebate with the purchase of 12.