Sam's Rainbow Remembrance Fund

Formerly Sarah's Paws For a Cause, this fund has been renamed after one of our long-time best friends, Sam. He visited us at the Pet Spa and Orrville clinic almost every day of his life, and brought everyone so much joy and happiness that he deserves to be remembered for the Angel that he was.

Previously, in honor of their beloved office cat, Sarah, the doctors and staff decided to establish Sarah’s “Paws for a Cause” Fund, now 'Sam's Rainbow Remembrance Fund.' This fund is intended to help defray the cost of treatment for certain cases presented at Veterinary Wellness Partners. Sympathy cards have been designed to send to clients in memory of their special friends that have passed away. For each card that is sent, Veterinary Wellness Partners makes a donation to the Sam's Rainbow Remembrance Fund. These donations are combined with donations from many generous clients of the clinics of Veterinary Wellness Partners and The Orrville Pet Spa & Resort. Donations to Sam's Rainbow Remembrance fund allow the clinics to provide necessary care to animals whose owners have a lack of funding, or for situations where there is no owner to finance treatment.

It is our desire not to force the euthanasia of any animal due to a lack of funding in life-saving situations, or for situations where there is no owner to finance treatment. This account will allow us to provide necessary care to these animals. The Doctors and staff of Veterinary Wellness Partners will determine the amount and use of funds available for each case.

Monetary gifts will be accepted to help finance this effort. These donations will be combined with contributions made by Veterinary Wellness Partners in memory of special friends that have passed away.