2014 Horse Owners Meeting a Success

Submitted by Veterinary Wellness Partners on Fri, 01/24/2014 - 10:14am

2014 Horse Owners Meeting

We are excited to report the last night's Third Annual Orrville Veterinary Clinic Horse Owners Meeting was a great success.  We had approximately 50 in attendance.  A special thanks goes out to Todd Rediel, who joined us to discuss foot care and shoeing.  He addressed many topics, includes natural shoeing, laminitis/ founder and the history of the farrier trade.  Todd and his wife, Emily, are clients of ours, who run a farm where they currently care for 21 horses.  They mainly breed, train and raise Shires, but also have a few other rescue horses and one Percheron.  

We also would like to thank our sponsers, who provided a lot of support to make our meeting a success.  In attendance last night were Liz Myers of Midwest Veterinary Supply.  Liz has been a great friend to our clinic for many years.  She helps to support by supplying a lot of our veterinary needs, as well as a lot of information regarding ne products and therapies.  Also in attendance was Lauren Pfister, our Zoetis equine representative.  She recently moved to the area after focusing on horses in Kentucky.  In addition, some door prizes were provided by MWI, who is yet another veterinary distributor that we often use.  Finally, Boehringer Ingelheim provided financial support, as well as some door prizes.  They are currently the manufacturer of our horse vaccination line.

We also want to thank our staff, who came through in a big way.  Without them, our doctors would be lost.  We have such a great team, that words can not express.  It was also great to have Dr. Paul Masters in attendance.  Dr. Paul retired from practice about 4 years ago.  Prior to that time, he was our main equine veterinarian.  It is upon his shoulder that we stand.  All of our doctors have trained under Dr. Paul.  He is one of the original owners of The Orrville Veterinary Clinic, working at the clinic for over 30 years!

Thank you to all who attended.  Keep the 4th Thursday evening of January 2015 open.  We will likely try to hold our Fourth Annual meeting that night!