Bovine Reproductive Protocols

Submitted by Veterinary Wellness Partners on Fri, 10/11/2013 - 3:11pm

Bovine Reproductive Protocols

Our veterinarians realize that without a successful reproductive program, a dairy cannot be profitable.  We will tailor a reproductive program for your dairy based on your individual needs.  We follow the latest research on estrus synchronization and reproduction to determine how to choose the appropriate protocol for your farm.  This program might involve the use of a synchronization protocol or simply using a prostaglandin and heat detection techniques.

Examples of estrus synchronization protocols are:
Ovsynch 56

Day 0 GnRH

Day 7 Prostaglandin

Day 9 (56 hours later) GnRH 

Day 10 (12-18 hours later) AI

This protocol is the basis for many other synch protocols, including Presynch, G6G, Double Ovsynch, CIDRsynch, and Cosynch. 

We also provide dairy records consulting services for your farm to determine the current state of your reproductive program as well as set goals for future improvement.  Even if you are not enrolled in DHIA testing services and PCDART, we provide excel spreadsheets to gather reproductive data for your herd. 

We also offer ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis, ovarian structure determination, and fetal gender determination to add value to your reproductive program.  This technology will help open cows be enrolled in a program to help get them pregnant on the next service.  After all, a “pregnancy check” should really be called an “open check.”