Calf Barn Tube Ventilation

Submitted by Veterinary Wellness Partners on Fri, 11/15/2013 - 10:12am

Tube Ventilation in Calf Barns

Calf hutches remain the gold standard for providing optimal environment for calf health.  Recently, calf barns have been gaining popularity, mainly because they provide a much more comfortable working environment for humans.  Ventilation can be a challenge in calf barns and respiratory disease can be a result.  Respiratory disease has several effects on the calves and dairy herd as a whole.  These include death in calves, higher drug costs, and reduced milk production in the coming years. 

Supplemental positive pressure tube ventilation systems are designed to provide fresh, outside air at the level of the calf.  Multiple studies have concluded that fresh air, with a lower bacterial count, will result in a lower incidence of respiratory disease in calves.  The dairy veterinarians at Orrville Veterinary Clinic can design these tubes specifically for your calf facility so that your calves receive fresh air without a draft.  These systems are also very inexpensive given the costs of respiratory disease in calves.  There is no calf facility that wouldn’t benefit from supplemental tube ventilation systems.  Don’t let respiratory disease hold back the profitability and health of your dairy calves.