Canine Cough

Submitted by Veterinary Wellness Partners on Tue, 09/27/2016 - 5:10pm

Dear Clients,

We feel it is important to inform you that we have received  reports of Canine Respiratory Disease Complex (aka Kennel Cough or Bronchitis) from some of our Daycare Dogs.  Although this type of virus is usually mild, mimicking a human cold, it can be contagious to other dogs.  Some of the symptoms that have been seen are coughing and spitting up white, foamy phlegm. 

Rest assured that we are taking all measures at Orrville Pet Spa & Resort to prevent the spread of this cough as well as preventing it from re-entering our facility.  It is an airborne illness, so despite a rigorous daily cleaning routine, the condition can spread very quickly amongst a group of dogs.  Typically, dogs will begin to display symptoms about 7-10 days after exposure, which makes this condition difficult to manage in a facility such as ours.  All dogs that come to Orrville Pet Spa & Resort are required to have the Bordetella Vaccine within the last 6 months, and we strongly recommend that they are vaccinated with the Canine Influenza Vaccine.  These vaccines are designed to prevent conditions like this, but just like the flu shot for humans, it does not protect against all forms.   There are also several viruses that have no vaccines to protect against.  Recently, cases of Corona virus have been discovered with many of the same symptoms.  If your dog is showing any of these symptoms we will not be able to accept them at our facility for a duration of at least two weeks.

Please let us know as soon as possible if your dog begins to show any of the symptoms listed above after coming home.  We will continue to take every possible measure to keep your dog healthy and happy at the Orrville Pet Spa & Resort.


Orrville Pet Spa & Resort, INC.

Anne, Kristen & Missi