Ohio Veterinary Medical Association

Submitted by Veterinary Wellness Partners on Sun, 03/16/2014 - 9:38pm

OVMA Board of Directors

Dr. Jeff Fink is proud to be a voice to the animals, livestock, pets, owners, farmers and veterinarians within our district.  He proudly serves on the board of directors of the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association.  His duties include attending quarterly board meetings, as well as advocating for the animal industry through various political channels.  Dr. Fink has met with several of our areas congressmen, both the area House of Representative and the sitting member of the Ohio Senate.  Dr. Fink has also had the opportunity to meet with governor John Kasich, as well as talking with Dave Daniels and Dr. Tony Forshey, who both rank high within the Ohio Department of Agriculture.  Dr. Fink was first appointed to this position by former OVMA Board President, Dr. Linda Lord.  He has successfully been re-elected to serve another three year term.

As the District 8 representative, Dr. Fink is uniquely positioned, serving as one of the true mixed animal practitioners on the board.  He practices small animal medicine, small animal surgery, equine medicine, equine surgery, equine reproduction, small ruminant medicine and surgery, dairy medicine, dairy reproduction and bovine surgery.  He is also unique in the fact that he is the owner and operator of a small farming operation, focusing on are breeds of cattle and grass fed beef production.