Online Scheduling System

Submitted by Veterinary Wellness Partners on Wed, 05/28/2014 - 11:31am
Online Scheduling System

Appointmaster Online Scheduling

At the Orrville Veterinary Clinic, we are constantly trying to make owning a pet as easy and convenient as possible.  We belief strongly that we are here to provide the best possible care to our dog and cat patients, as well as their human parents/ families.  It is that light that we are excited to be partnering with Appointmaster Online Scheduling system.  Appointmaster is a program that has been designed to partner closely with our electronic medical record system, Clientrax.  We will have several other new capabilities through Appointmaster, but we want to focus on the online scheduling portion for the moment.

We feel the allowing our clients the capability to schedule an appointment from their computer or smartphone is just another way in which we can make pet care as easy as possible.  This system allows you to schedule at any time of day, whether the office is open or not.  To access our online scheduler, click HERE.

Once you have scheduled the appointment for your pet, you should receive a confirmation e-mail.  We will also likely give you a call to confirm the appointment, or may call if the proper amount of time has not been allotted to properly assess and care for your pet in the most thorough manner possible.