Product Spotlight: Vectra 3D

Submitted by Veterinary Wellness Partners on Tue, 02/17/2015 - 2:09pm

Vectra 3D is produced for use in dogs as prevention of fleas and ticks.  Like many products, it is unable to totally prevent a flea bite from occurring.  However, Vectra 3D is fast acting, often reducing flea feeding within 5 minutes.  A total flea kill will result within 6 hours.  In addition to fleas and ticks, Vectra 3D repels and kills mosquitoes, biting flies, sand flies, lice and mites (not the "mange" mites).   By killing the parasites, Vectra 3D prevents the development of immature stages of fleas because dead fleas can not produce eggs, growing into larvae and then pupae. (Click here for flea life cycle)

Vectra 3D is a topical product that provides protection from fleas and ticks for one month.  It is water proof, but pets should not be bathed with a detergent or soap based shampoo.  Suitable shampoos are soap free and often are a combination of aloe and oatmeal.   Protection can begin as early as 8 weeks of age.  An additional benefit is that Vectra 3D has a specialized applicator tip, which helps to apply the product directly to your dog's skin.  

This is a product that many veterinary clinics have chosen to replace Frontline, by Merial.  Frontline was a top product for many years, but its efficacy was lost in 2012.  This is common to all flea products and not a "knock" on Frontline.  

Please note that Vectra 3D is NOT FOR USE IN CATS, but there is a comparable cat product.  It is calle simply Vectra.