Proheart 6 and Proheart 12

Submitted by Veterinary Wellness Partners on Fri, 10/25/2019 - 11:17am
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Zoetis Animal Health has several convenient products that they offer in the injectable format.  These medications make administration easier that oral and topical products.  While there is yet to be an injection for fleas and ticks, there is a great one (actually 2) available for prevention of Heartworm Disease.  

Proheart 6 is an injection for the prevention of heartworm disease, as well as hookworms.  This injection can be administered at your dog's annual physical examination after a heartworm test has been performed to determine whether or not your dog has heartworm disease.  This is called Proheart 6 because it lasts for 6 months.  At that time an additional injection will need to be given, or your dog may be able to begin Proheart 12.  Depeding on your dog's history, a second heartworm test will be performed at that time.  The reason for the second test is that it takes 6 months for a heartworm to become detectable on a test.  This means that the first test is testing for a period of time 6 months before the first injection.  The second test is testing for the six months immediately before the first injection.  

Proheart 12 is an injection for the prevention of heartworms and hookworms.  It can be given to dogs after 2 negative heartworms, or to dogs that do not have a gap in the last 12 months of heartworm prevention. 

Proheart 6 can be adminsitered to puppies over 6 months of age. Dogs must be greater than one year of age to receive Proheart12.


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