Sarah's Pause Paws for a Cause to the Rescue!

Submitted by Veterinary Wellness Partners on Fri, 11/08/2013 - 11:53am
Sarah's Pause Paws for a Cause to the Rescue!

Sarah’s “Paws for a Cause” to he Rescue

On September 17, 2012, Max Brumfield found himself in a situation where he needed help from Sarah’s “Paws for a Cause” fund. Max was going on a car ride with his pal Abe. Max got a little over excited and decided to try and jump in the car window. Max fell backwards landing on his hip. Max was taken to a satellite branch of The Orrville Veterinary Clinic, the Seville Wadsworth Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Marissa Hofstetter, DVM examined Max and took x-rays of his hip. The x-rays showed that Max’s hip was displaced. Dr. Hofstetter was able to put his hip back in place but because of a shallow hip joint it was not likely to stay in place. The next step for Max was a surgery called a femoral head osteotomy. This is when the head and neck of the femur are removed and a new false joint is formed. Max’s family was not prepared for the cost of such a surgery. Thanks to a generous private donor and multiple donors at Smith Dairy in Orrville, Ohio, in remembrance of a beloved pet named Murphy Holmes, there were funds available in Sarah’s “Paws for a Cause” Fund. The orthopedic surgeon at OVC, Dr. Melvin Wenger, DVM, was able to proceed with Max’s surgery.

Max Brumfield is a three year old, German Shepherd and Husky mix. Max lives in Medina, Ohio with his family, Robert, Sara and Jennifer Brumfield. Max was rescued as a puppy with his brothers and sisters who were found in a dumpster. The Brumfield family fell in love with Max right away. His family was especially taken by the fact that his one eye is half brown and half blue. Max is a very special dog. He is not only a loving member of his family, he can also detect when his owner is going to have a seizure. One day, Sara was home alone and she started seizuring. The police arrived at her house and said they had received a 911 phone call and all they could hear was a dog barking. When the police went into the house to investigate, they found the phone off the hook and chewed up. Since Max’s amazing ability was discovered he has been training with Angela from Canine Social Time to further develop his skills. 

Max’s surgery was a success and after weeks of resting as much as possible he is back to using his injured hip. Now Max can get back to his important job of alerting his owner of an oncoming seizure. The Brumfield family is so thankful that Sarah’s “Paws for a Cause” Fund was available to help finance Max’s surgery. The Orrville Veterinary Clinic is thrilled to be able to help Max and honor their beloved Sarah. If you have a special friend that you would like to remember by donating to Sarah’s “Paws for a Cause” Fund you can do so by contacting the Orrville Veterinary Clinic by phone (330)682-2971, email at or mail to c/o Sarah’s “Paws for a Cause” Fund 1665 N. Main St Orrville, Ohio 44667.