We Are the World

Submitted by Veterinary Wellness Partners on Sun, 12/04/2016 - 2:38am
We Are the World

We strive at ERAH to provide our patients with the best medical care we can.  Yet, across the world, children do not receive the necessary medications they need to survive.  We give for free samples  for kittens and puppies (in their first visit welcome kit) medicines that kill roundworms and hookworms that children across the world need but cannot get.  At ERAH, we try to serve our community.  That community now includes Zimbabwe. 

Through Dr. Butera's long time friendship (since they were 15!) with minister Rev. Don Campbell and his church's association with Dr. Bungu's Christian mission hospital in Zimbabwe, we have donated medical supplies, scrubs, and medicines to his hospital and other African missions.   Dr. Bungu's hospital even has our old xray processor and supplies from when we made the move to digital. 

In 2017, we are committing to help Dr. Bungu's mission even more.  We are raising funds to send them a piece of equipment on their "Wish List."  It may be a digital micrscope, or maybe even an ultrasound machine.  It just depends on how much we can raise, but we are going to spend the year collecting funds and them have them choose the item.  Each time we see a new patient at our practice, we will donate $2 to our fund, a savings account at Apple Creek Bank earmarked specifically for this fundraiser.  We invite our clients to match our efforts whenever they can.  Or just support out efforts by purchasing our fundraising items (lke our Baby's Key West Coffee, KONG dog toys, or Dr. Butera's Dillie book. 

Read more about Dr. Bungu's work here.