What is New with Daycare

Submitted by Veterinary Wellness Partners on Wed, 02/04/2015 - 11:39am
What is New with Daycare

January 30, 2015

To: OPSR Daycare Parents

From: Anne, Kristen, & Missi

Re: Doggie Daycare


As our expansion of the OPSR Daycare facility continues, we want to keep you informed on the progress of the new building and the adaptations our staff has made to make sure each of our daycare dogs receives the attention they deserve through this time of construction.  We are excited for the possibilities with the new building, and the increased climate controlled open space we will have for daycare.  It is due to open this spring.

The building and inclement weather have forced us to make several changes to our normal daycare routine.  We have several areas available to use for indoor daycare.  We rotate the groups of dogs through these locations during the day.  We still have outside areas for group play when weather permits, and potty breaks throughout the day.  Also, the staff diligently tracks all groups and individual play times to be sure everyone gets their full daycare hours.  You can help us by scheduling your dog’s visit in advance so we can better plan their activities for the day.  As always, we continue to follow the Dog Guru Guidelines for safe off-leash play.

Thanks for sharing this exciting project with us.  We appreciate your patience and understanding for a few more weeks.