Why buy from your veterinarian

Submitted by Veterinary Wellness Partners on Mon, 04/14/2014 - 1:00am

Have you ever thought to yourself: "I can buy this medication online for less money?"  While we all seek to save money at any point possible, these are our thoughts on why you should purchase your medication directly from your veterinarian.  Let's first start by looking at the cost of medications in general.  Most likely everyone understands that purchasing in bulk allows the purchaser to save money on their product.  This is what larger retailers do when they buy their products. 

  1. Versus a veterinary clinic who purchases products through the proper channels, there is no guarantee on the efficacy or integrity of the product if purchased from an outside source.  While many are reputable, some purchse diverted product or allow the product to sit on their shipping docks for extended periods of time.  Many of the larger medication manufacturers do not provide support for medications that are purchased online or through non-veterinary channels.
  2. Pharmacies providing substitutes:  Oftentimes, the pharmacies will show that they offer a specific product.  When that product is out of stock (or not available at all from the retailer), a non-veterinarian (sometimes even a computer program) makes a recommendation for an alternate product.  Do you really want somebody other than your veterinarian making a recommendation on the mediations that your pet should be taking?  They may not know about product efficacy and product failure, as well as the risk that may be encountered by your dog.
  3. "Profits" from the sales go to support either a large brick and mortar company, such as the local feed store or chain retailer, or the profits go to support a warehouse in some distant state.  Your veterinarian takes these profits and reinvests them back into the practice that is directly serving you and your pets.  In addition, your veterinarian is likely a large supporter of your local community.  The salary that he or she makes is hard earned and will likely be reinvested into your local community.  This occurs not only in the form of supporting other local businesses, but in the form of support for community events, public service dogs and educational programs.
  4. Many veterinarians offer 24-hour emergency care for their patients.  In order to offer this care, the costs have often been offset by revenue from product sales.
  5. Depending on the specific medication and the specific situation, your veterinarian may be able to accept your medication back for a refund in the event of an adverse event (such as vomiting or anaphylaxis.):  This goes back to point #1 and the support of the manufacturer.