Why Daycare Evaluations are Important

Submitted by Veterinary Wellness Partners on Wed, 01/24/2018 - 11:33am

At the Orrville Pet Spa & Resort’s Doggy Daycare we like to follow The Dog Guru guidelines. The following information is to explain why dog evaluations are important and beneficial. The Dog Gurus have been proponents about properly evaluating dogs to attend daycare. The dog evaluation process is an important safety tool that creates a safe off-leash play environment. After all, not every dog enjoys off-leash play.

As dogs mature you will likely observe behavior changes. Some may stop playing, but still enjoy the daily interactions with staff and a few other dogs. Others however, will stop playing and have less tolerance for high energy play in their space.

During the Orrville Pet Spa & Resort’s evaluation process, our goal is to ensure that our group environment is the right fit for your dog. We also want to determine which activities your dog enjoys the most. Our highest priority is the physical safety and emotional well-being of all dogs that attend our play groups.

Each dog has an evaluation on the first day of daycare. These evaluations are also an on-going, daily process. We perform a formal evaluation at least once a yearly for every dog. The evaluations are completed by one of our trained, experienced staff members, and can last anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes.

The daycare evaluations are based on various components, such as:

  • The dog’s background
  • How comfortable the dog is with human interactions
  •  If the dog can properly greet other doggy daycare members, and playgroup behaviors

Each category is broken down to various sub-categories that the evaluator will assess during interactions.

All of our daycare clients receive feedback forms explaining each assessment of their dog’s evaluation, along with our recommendations for the dog and daycare plan. We are always happy to explain these evaluations and help with any questions or concerns you may have. A signed copy of the feedback form will be kept in your pet’s records.