10 Year Anniversary

Submitted by Veterinary Wellness Partners on Wed, 11/19/2014 - 11:28am
10 Year Anniversary


The Orrville Pet Spa & Resort is celebrating TEN YEARS of caring for your pets.

The owners, Dr. Greg Roadruck, Dr. Mel Wenger, and Dr. Bill Yost recognized the need for a safe, comfortable, and professional place aside from the veterinary clinic, where people could board their pets as well as having certified groomers on staff.   With that in mind, the tag line “Leave your pet at home with us” was born.   Their mission was to create a comfortable and happy place where pets would feel safe – just like home.

By providing high quality care and accommodations, the OPSR staff has built strong and trusting relationships with their clients and their pets.   “Thanks to our awesome clients, we’ve been able to form many friendships with area pets and their owners,” said manager, Anne Weiser.  “We listen to our clients to identify their needs so that we can improve the life of their pet.”   Over the past ten years, the staff has honed into the needs of clients, such as our pick-up and delivery service, extra TLC time, and doggie daycare, providing professional care for special needs pets, scheduling grooming and veterinary appointments during their stay, and making reservations on-line.   Updated live web-cams in the exclusive rooms and the Suites allow clients to watch their pet 24 hours a day.  

The Orrville Pet Spa and Resort also provides high quality grooming services of all levels.  From a simple bath to intricate precision perfection for poodles, the groomers can handle it all.  Emily, Courtney, Marci, and Jess have built personal relationships with their clients and keep notes on each dog or cat according to the desires of the client.  

Even though identifying the needs of the clients is a top priority to the staff, the needs of the dogs are just as important.  Ten years ago, the Doggie Daycare Program was developed to give area dogs something to do while their people were gone for the day.  It began as a simple gathering of chaperoned dogs playing together to celebrating holidays and birthdays.   Today, the program has evolved into a safe, positive, social play experience that benefits the mental and emotional well-being of dogs.   Through membership and training from the Dog Guru Community, the six special Doggie Day Care staff members now have a better understanding of canine behavior and play styles so they can promote better canine behavior.  The Dog Guru Community is the best educational resource available on off-leash play in the United States.  Each daycare staff member has taken the Dog Safety Pledge as a commitment to keeping the dogs happy and safe.   Weiser believes that it’s the continuing education that sets their doggie daycare program apart from others. 

The dedication and education of the daycare staff has grown into an amazing area that no one would have predicted ten years ago.  The Orrville Pet Spa and Resort is expanding their facility to include an indoor daycare and training center.  Coming in the spring of 2015, the addition will focus on canine fitness, both emotional and physical, as well as training.   “We all recognize the importance of a healthy lifestyle for people and dogs alike.” said Weiser.  “This addition will provide a place with plenty of room for multiple daycare activities and agility equipment.  It will be a place where clients can bring their dogs to exercise year round.”   This addition is an exciting way to celebrate a milestone anniversary.

The Orrville Pet Spa and Resort was built for dogs and cats, but the foundation is people.  The owners and staff value and respect the strong working relationships they have with area veterinary practices sharing mutual clients.  With these relationships, they will continue to grow to realize the needs, exceed the expectations, and fulfill the dreams of clients and their pets.  To learn more about the Orrville Pet Spa and Resort, visit orrvillepetspa.com or follow them on Facebook or Instagram.  Anne Weiser or Kristen Caulier may be reached at 330.683.3335 during business hours.