Breeding Services

Reproduction is a major aspect of the horse industry. Whether it's breeding to produce a foal from a favorite mare or breeding for show or sale, our veterinarians will determine the best breeding program for your horse.  Our veterinarians are experts, who are able to evaluate your horse via rectal palpation and ancillary services, such as diagnostic ultrasound.  Our veterinarians can utilize reproductive hormones to manipulate the mare's cycle, making timed artificial insemination more likely to be successful.

Each mare's breeding cycle is unique. There is a large variation in the health of the reproductive tract. Previous problems can lead to more problems if not acted upon early in the course of the disease. We can provide breeding soundness examinations to determine the overall reproductive health and ability of your mare to conceive and carry a foal to term.  Please click on some of the services to find out more about ultrasonography, uterine cultures and uterine biopsy.