Prescription Refills

Request a Refill or Product

You can use the form below to request a refill of a medication, or to request a non-prescription item be prepared for pick-up.  This includes flea products and prescription diets.  Our staff will check your chart to make sure the medicine is correct, and if we have it in stock we will have it ready for you in 24 hours or less.  If it is an item we have to order for  you, we will email you and let you know how long it will take.  Certain medications, for example, come from compounding pharmacies and have to be made to order for your pet.

Please allow 24 hours for prescription refills.

Compounding Pharmacies

If the medication you need comes from a compounding pharmacy, you can contact that pharmacy directly to request a refill below. If there are no available refills on the prescription, the pharmacy will contact our staff for approval.  Look on your medicine to see which compounding pharmacy to contact. Then click the corresponding link below for the contact information. 

ERAH Online Pharmacy

ERAH utilizes a third party pharmacy VetSource to allow our clients to order prescription and non-prescription products, including prescription diet, and have them shipped to their homes.  Prices are set to match or be lower than PetMeds.  Some non-prescription items are priced at 5% above wholesale-- and the purchase profit will go to support our service projects and wildlife / stray fund. 

Product Guarantees

MERIAL: The maker of Heartgard, Nexgard, and Frontline guarantees their products if purchased through  a veterinarian.  These guarantees are voided if you purchase these product from a non-veterinarian, a retail store, or an online pharmacy.  

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Although we can only approve prescription items for existing clients / patients, there are many non-prescription items that your friends and family can purchase, too, for their pets, horses, livestock, etc.  


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Online Pharmacies

Unlike some clinics, ERAH has and never will charge clients a "prescription fee" for opting to purchase their pharmaceuticals from online pharmacies.  However, we would like to encourage you to order instead from our own online pharmacy as it gives you great advantages:

  1.  The manufacturer's guarantees are kept valid. Did you know that when you order pharmaceuticals like flea control or heartworm prevention from online pharmacies, the guarantees are voided? It's true. But this is not so when you order from our online partner, because they are extension of our own pharmacy and integrated into our practice software. These guarantees are important-- for example, the Merial guarantee for heartgard will pay for heartworm or intestinal parasite treatment if your pet were to get these disease despite monthly Heartgard, but only if purchased through ERAh.  Purchasing through our online source keeps these valuable guarantees in tact!
  2. You receive ERAH discounts for certain purchases. For example, we offer a $10 discount on a heartworm test when 12 months of heartworm prevention is purchase through our clinic or online store.  This, and other discounts, will not be available if you order from other online pharmacies. 
  3. You know where the medications came from-- directly from the manufacturer, and not from a Chinese counterfeiter or dubious source. Medications that are sold online in many cases are only to be sold through a veterinarian.  How do these retailers get these products?  There have been cases proven to be counterfeit products from China, or in some cases, out of date products that are being sold.   Our online provider is the same distributor that we order our pharmaceuticals from, coming direct from the manufacturer.   All products must meet the manufacturer's standards and there are no counterfeits.
  4. ERAH profits from the purchases. Although the prices on our online store are set to match or be lower than Pet Meds Express, our clinic makes a little profit from the purchase.  We don't make any, as you would imagine, when purchases are made elsewhere.  This allows us to continue the services your pets need and helps us keep our overall prices down. This helps prevents the day when your local vet will no longer be there when you need them, or has to charge a $100 office call just to keep the lights on because the internet suppliers are driving them out of business.  

Request a Refill or Product