Report A Lost & Found Pet

To add a pet you have lost or found to our database, please fill out and submit the contact form on this page.  We will review the information and add it to the database.  We will also compare the posts to the pets in the database for possible matches and send you these posts.  If you represent a shelter or rescue group and would like to send us a group of reports, you can email a report in Excel, text, dbf, filemaker, csv, or ascii formats. Contact Dr. Butera for more information.

What to do if Your Pet is Lost

If your pet is lost, please remember to:

  • Post immediately information and photo if possible to your own Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and ask people to share at once.  Get the info out asap!
  • Talk to as many neighbors as you can
  • Contact the veterinarians in your area
  • Contact your local police
  • Contact the local humane society and animal control
  • Notify the area emergency clinics
  • Submit lost / found entry to newspaper or Craig's List
  • Post entry here (use contact form on this page)
  • Ask your vet for the rabies tag number if you do not know it and your pet is wearing the tag.
  • PHYSICALLY VISIT the humane society and pound in yours AND neighboring counties.  Even if you call and describe your dog, they may not recognize your description.
  • Post flyers at local grocery stores, vet hospitals, restaurants, etc.  Anywhere your community members can see it.
  • If your pet has a microchip, contact the microchip company at once.  
  • Search our index, but also and all the links we have posted.
  • If your pet has been missing for a while, make sure you "google" the pet's description-- that could pull up archived Craig's List postings (as well as others). Also, make sure you look at the Pet FBI database, Fidofinder, Tabby Tacker etc where you can do searches.  Don't forget to SEARCH OUR ARCHIVE of posts from 2012-2015.  
  • Check with your local road crew.  Sadly, many pets that are running loose may be hit by cars and found deceased.  The road crews may keep the collars but they do not usually notify the owners or post any information. 

AAHA Universal Microchip Lookup Tool

Be a Pet Detective!

You can help bring a lost pet home, even if you are not the one that found or lost the pet! If you find yourself in a grocery store, diner, school, or any other place and happen to see a "LOST" or "FOUND" pet poster hanging up, take a cell phone picture of the poster and email it to us at or text message it to 3303534901. If the pet is not already in the database, we will add it and review it for possible match. Our database is for pets in Stark and Summit counties in Northeast Ohio.

Found - If you found the pet
Lost - If you lost the pet
Sighting - If you just saw the pet
Reunited - If you have a pet in our database that has been found and is back home
Include the most likely breed(s) of this pet.
If unknown, write "UNK"
For short-haired cats of non specific breed, use:
"DSH" for domestic shorthair. 
"DLH" for domestic longhair.
"DMH" for domestic medium hair
Include the pet's colors and markings.
Include any special features such as "blue eyes," "docked tail," "one ear stands up and the other doesn't," etc. Also include any tattoos or identifying marks or features.
If the pet is microchipped, include the number or "Yes."
If the pet has been scanned for a microchip but does not have one, write "None."
If you do not know if the pet is microchipped, leave this field blank.
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